When many people think of arm wrestling, they imagine two people locking arms and using only their upper body strength to try to overpower each other. However, arm wrestling is actually a full body workout that engages multiple muscle groups and requires strength, endurance, and technique.


Engages multiple muscle groups

Arm wrestling primarily involves the muscles of the arms, shoulders, chest, and back, but it also engages the core and leg muscles. The muscles of the core and legs help to stabilize the body and provide a solid base for the arm wrestling movement. This means that arm wrestling is not just an upper body exercise, but a full body exercise that works multiple muscle groups.


Requires strength and endurance

Arm wrestling requires both strength and endurance. A match can last anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes, and during that time, the competitors are exerting a great deal of force. This requires not only raw strength but also endurance to maintain that strength over the course of the match.


Requires technique and strategy

While strength and endurance are important in arm wrestling, so are technique and strategy. Competitors need to know how to position their bodies and use leverage to gain an advantage. They also need to know when to use different techniques, such as the hook or the top roll, depending on their opponent’s strengths and weaknesses.


Can improve overall fitness

Because arm wrestling engages multiple muscle groups and requires strength, endurance, and technique, it can improve overall fitness. Regular arm wrestling training can increase strength and endurance, improve flexibility and coordination, and even burn calories. It can also help to prevent injuries and improve posture.