New York Armwrestling® Association, Inc.
Established 1977

Presenting the
30th Anniversary
NYC Arm Wrestling 2007 Season
The New York 'Golden Arm' Multi-Event Summer Series
culminating in the
Empire State Golden Arm Tournament of Champions
NYC Big Apple Grapple XXX USA/International
Pro Arm Wrestling Championships
NYC's King & Queen of Arms

Message from Gene Camp NYAWA Founder/President

My name is Gene Camp and I'm the founder and president of the New York Arm Wrestling® Association (NYAWA). I have witnessed the growth of a unique grass roots sporting event that captures the imagination of every day folks of all ages, ethnicities and income levels. We call it New York Arm Wrestling® and we present The NYC Big Apple Grapple XXX International Pro Armwrestling Championships featuring NYC's King and Queen of Arms, New York Golden Arm Series, Empire State Golden Arm Tournament of Champions and much more.

New York Arm Wrestling® reaches a broad audience with a clean fun and wholly American product. Athletes experience the thrill of competing on-stage in a sport that requires no prior experience or expensive equipment and yet reflects athleticism, endurance, tenacity, concentration and technique. Armwrestling is a one-on-one sport where anyone can compete regardless of age, sex, weight, dexterity or experience.

My dedication to the development and promotion of arm wrestling in New York City has spanned more than three decades, and today, I am more actively involved than ever. I have helped thousands of New Yorkers experience the thrill of competing on-stage and I am excited about the prospect of introducing arm wrestling in the coming years to an even broader public.

We are presenting the New York Golden Arm Series where events are held in each of the five NYC Boroughs and most events are held in cooperation with the City of New York Parks & Recreation. Events are also produced on Long Island and Upstate, NY. The NY Golden Arm Series culminates into the Empire State Golden Arm Tournament of Champions in November usually, at the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan.

Overall, The New York Arm Wrestling® Association has developed into one of the most innovative and recognizable sports-entertainment organizations in NYC. The success of New York Arm Wrestling® has spanned 30 years with visible evidence of "hard work, promotion and performance credibility". I would like to share my insights and demonstrate how New York Arm Wrestling® events can offer a viable lifestyle sporting event that can help build your strength, engage your mind and enhance your image.

Welcome To The World of Armwrestling!

The ultimate test of strength, technique, endurance, speed tenacity and willpower
Arm Wrestling was once perceived by many as more of a barroom grudge match between macho drunks than a legitimate sport. But now, thanks to the endeavors of The New York Arm Wrestling® Association, Inc. {NYAWA} and organized arm wrestling associations around the world, that image has changed forever.

Arm Wrestling is the spectator / public participation "sport for everyone". A cross-section of the young adult community and some top media outlets in the New York market are catapulting the sport of Arm Wrestling into the spotlight as the sports entertainment, where the spectators sometimes become the Show. Arm Wrestling is a sport where anyone can compete regardless of age, sex, weight, dexterity or experience.

Entertainment, promotion, organization, safety and corporate partnership are the hallmarks of New York Arm Wrestling® events. Today's arm wrestling devotees -- male and female, amateur and professional, blue- and white-collar, spectator and competitor -- are serious about this emerging age-old sport. They are health and fitness conscious, and bring dedication, discipline and enthusiasm to their chosen endeavor.

The appeal of Arm Wrestling spans a broad spectrum. Almost anyone can compete for the sheer fun of it. For example, arm wrestling beginners can compete with no prior experience, specialized training or expensive equipment. However, advanced or pro arm wrestling is different. Professional Arm Wrestling is ultimately a test of a competitor's endurance, tenacity, fitness, dedicated practice, technique and the development of overall arm, hand and tendon strength.

The unpredictability of the sport helps give arm wrestling an edge when it comes to attracting new participants, spectators and the media. You never know who might emerge on tournament day as the "Cinderella" story.

Most beginners have never competed before in a major competition but, brag of 'never been beaten'. This might be true, but reality comes into play when they compete in formal competition and outside of the local neighborhood challengers and onto the professional padded arm wrestling table.

The New York 'Golden Arm' Series

The New York Arm Wrestling® Association, Inc. (NYAWA) organizes the New York 'Golden Arm' Series. This multi-event series, held at New York's largest festivals, fairs, beaches, amusement parks, racetracks and major tourist attractions, has received unprecedented media coverage and public support. Preliminary amateur championships are held throughout the summer in each of the five New York City Boroughs, Long Island and NYS. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place preliminary award winners are featured at the Empire State Golden Arm Tournament of Champions held at the Port Authority Bus Terminal's North Wing/Main Concourse in Times Square, New York City.

The NYAWA online email membership and contestant database has an unprecedented 3,000 arm wrestlers from all over the world. The popular New York Arm Wrestling® Association websites are and New York Arm Wrestling® has drawn competition from all over the USA and every continent. Thousands of cheering spectators will watch NYAWA events throughout the day. Now in its thirtieth year as an exciting success story, The New York 'Golden Arm' Series has attained an enviable niche in the New York area sports world. The Series has won over the media and legions of fans, and is favored by several unique attributes:


1. - There is nothing comparable to this New York Golden Arm Series anywhere in the USA, simply because Championships are held in each of the five NYC Boroughs and Long Island. Competitors and fans from all over travel to watch or compete in New York 'Golden Arm' Series tournaments.
2. - The reputation and expertise of the NYAWA as a first-class organization are well established. Its attitude and image have been shaped and thus are in sync with the New York sports world and the media that follows it.
3. The New York 'Golden Arm' Series represents a "rainbow coalition" unto itself, with people of many races and ethnic backgrounds having become great enthusiasts and thereby word-of-mouth promoters of the sport, each within their local communities.


"New York City's Arm Wrestling Event of the Century"
(The Big Apple Grapple was re-named named in year 2000) was the New York Pro Invitational
Giorgi Gelashvili & Cynthia Yerby

The NYAWA will celebrate its 30th Anniversary with the 'NYC BIG APPLE GRAPPLE XXX' USA / INTERNATIONAL PRO ARM WRESTLING CHAMPIONSHIPS. This event is billed as "New York City's Arm Wrestling Event of the Century" because the NYC Big Apple Grapple name was presented in year 2000 and was open to all professional arm wrestlers worldwide. This event features the 2006 NYC King & Queen of Arms, Big Apple Grapple and Empire State Champions. Both the NYAWA Pro and Amateur finals are held in Manhattan, at high profile venues which have in the past included: The Top of the World Trade Center Observatory (before 9/11), Madison Square Garden, Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, The Empire State Building Observatory, The Intrepid Sea-Air Space Museum and The Port Authority Bus Terminal.


The annual NYC JUNIOR Arm Wrestling Championships for boys and girls 7 years old and above are held each year at the various Festivals. This FUN event also has a variety of classes for College students, seniors, men and women or anyone who want to try their hand at the sport of Arm Wrestling for the first time.

EVENTS: Festivals, Fairs, and Demographics

The New York Arm Wrestling Association {NYAWA} has the ability to attract huge target audiences that will not only watch the event, but participate, as well. The flow of continuous pedestrian traffic has the ability to keep a loud and cheering captive audience of thousands throughout the entire day. Open-air NYC outdoor arm wrestling tournaments have enormous spectator appeal.

The demographic statistics of a NYC summer street festival mainly depend on venue location, which is mixed with a variety of spectators and many tourists. Most venues are an unpredictable wide variety of multi-ethnic spectators, from young children to seniors. These statistics change from Borough to Borough and neighborhood to neighborhood.

The direct connection between the audience and the athletes generates a unique spirit of camaraderie, a sustained level of excitement and lasting goodwill, that is unmatched by almost any other sport. Children and teens become engrossed as they enjoy watching the events along with adults. In addition, events are held for children and teens in all age and weight categories.

Arm Wrestling Contestants are also demographically diverse, but mainly youthful, multi-ethnic health and fitness conscious New Yorkers and athlete contestants from around the world. Participants and the audience reflect the ethnic makeup of New York City and its suburbs. NYC Arm Wrestling events have innate appeal spanning all ethnic groups and income levels but they especially appeal to younger adults and kids. 80% of arm wrestling audiences are under age 40, but anyone may identify with the athlete. Even older adults get caught-up watching and even competing in our masters 40+ years old 50+ and 60+ categories.

Note: The NYAWA had taken full advantage of the best venues that the city and Long Island suburbs have to offer. Thanks to the built-in publicity and guaranteed audience participation at festivals, beaches and highly visible tourist attractions, the NYAWA introduces arm wrestling to thousands of new fans each year. Festival arm-wrestling tournaments have become a well-known and much anticipated feature event. Thousands of spectators, both blue and white collar; watch and compete in these events throughout the year.


The New York Arm Wrestling Association (NYAWA) was founded and officially established in1977 by President Gene Camp. The NYAWA is a registered not-for-profit sports organization, dedicated to the regional promotion of arm wrestling in New York for 30 years. The NYAWA features an experienced in-house staff and consultants which include: Borough captains, state and regional directors, public relations, marketing, advertising, clipping services, media broadcast faxing, event coordinators, stage directors, mailing list and membership control, DJ's, arm wrestling instructors, referees, emcees, registration personnel, writers, website editor and data processor, scorekeepers, photographers, videographers, stage hands, medics, T-shirt / logo artist, special award designers and on-line magazine and newsletter editorial staff.
The NYAWA works closely with the publicity staff at each venue to gain full advantage from the site's in-built public appeal and to achieve maximum media exposure. The City of New York Parks and Recreation, chambers of commerce, venue coordinators, community leaders and many local and major sponsors have helped the NYAWA stage these exciting public participation sporting events.


MEN (RIGHT HAND) 132 - 150 - 175 - 200 - 225 - 226+ Open
New Masters(R) - (40+ 175 & Open) - 50+ & 60+ Open
MEN (LEFT HAND) 175 - 176+ Open
WOMEN 120 - 140 - 141+ Open
NYC Junior Championships (Age & Weight Categories)
TEENS - 13 to 17 YEAR'S OLD

*(three contestant requirement per weight class / age group or advance to next level; unless challenge match has been determined)
Weight classes could be determined at weigh in and three contestants are required per class, otherwise contestants could move up to the next weight class or lower age group. At times, contestants will be weighed in according to the actual body weight and grouped in unofficial weight classes appropriate for the day's event. - See NYAWA Arm Wrestling Rules!


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