21st Annual New York State

Arm Wrestling Championships

Wells Old Home Days Results


New York Golden Arm Series Event 
(1st, 2nd and 3rd Place winners qualify for the Empire State Finals on November 13, 2003 at the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Midtown, Manhattan)

Mens Pro:             176-200

            1st-Eric Roussin- Ottawa, ON-Canada

            2nd- Brock Palmer- Amsterdam, NY

            3rd- Bill Gundrum-Petersburg, NY


            1st- Scott Latella- Schenectady, NY

            2nd- Ed Riotte- Durham, CT

Mens Novice            0-150

            1st- Kevin Dwyer- Amsterdam, NY

            2nd- Tom D’Onofrio- Gloversville, NY

            3rd- Eugene Sheldrick- Salisbury, VT


            1st- George Sheldrick- Salisbury, VT

            2nd- Ed Riotte- Durham, CT

            3rd- Mark Kloss- Schenectady, NY


            1st- Mitchell D’Onofrio- Saratoga, NY

            2nd- Aaron Cox- Holley, NY

            3rd- Phillip Warner-

                        200 & over

            1st- Jason Otto- Rochester, NY

            2nd- Aaron Cox- Holley,NY

            3rd- Bob Ryan- Wexford, PA

Mens Left            0-175

            1st- Scott Latella- Schenectady, NY

            2nd- George Sheldrick- Salisbury, VT

            3rd- Ed Riotte- Durham, CT


            1st- Eric Roussin- Ottawa, ON-Canada

            2nd- Mitchell D’Onofrio – Saratoga, NY

            3rd- George Ryan- Wexford, PA


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