Results for Kingsboro Open I 8-14-99

New York Golden Arm Series
Sponsored by
Astella Development Corp.
and the NYAWA

Venue: Coney Island Beach, Brooklyn, NY
Division Weight Rank Name City/Boro State
Men:RH 132 1st Tito Pastrana Brooklyn NY
2nd Javier Aguilar Flushing, Queens NY
3rd Jay Bajrame Brooklyn NY
150 1st Yohan Gonzalez Brooklyn NY
2nd James Beirne Mineola NY
3rd Juan Blas Brooklyn NY
175 1st Mohamad Mousa Brooklyn NY
2nd Jonathan Agosto Brooklyn NY
3rd Frank Canale Brooklyn NY
200 1st Chad Sexton Shamong NJ
2nd Harry Wilson Brooklyn NY
3rd Aaron Epstein Brooklyn NY
Super 1st Alex Perlich MVP Brooklyn NY
2nd Paul Tolamaa Brooklyn NY
3rd Kintchei Williams Bronxs NY
Men:LH 175
1st Stuart Fogelson Brooklyn NY
2nd William Smith Brooklyn NY
3rd Jack Costos Jackson Heights, Queens NY
WOMEN 135 1st Kim Emhoff Brooklyn NY
2nd Robin Bowman Brooklyn NY
3rd Frances Maloney Bronx NY
OPEN 1st Jeanette Mazzeo MVP Shoreham, LI NY
2nd Maysoun Pagan Brooklyn NY
3rd Yeanly Rodriguez Bronx NY


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