New York Armwrestling, Inc.
Saturday, April 18, 2009

32nd Annual White Castle NYC Big Apple Grapple
I nternational Arm Wrestling Championships

Held and Hosted By
NY International Automobile Show 
Jacob K. Javits Center - New York City, NY.
NY International Automobile Executive Show Director: Candida Romanelli
NYAWA Executive Director: Gene Camp

Tournament Directors: Dan Fortuna, Mike Selearis
Media Coordinator: Jared Vale
Referees: Tim Bresnan, Jim Bryan
Scorekeepers: Jason Vale, Chris Colantropo, Anthony Spota
Specially Designed NYC Arm Wrestling Table By: Frank Hirst
Sanctioned By: New York Armwrestling, Inc.

New York Armwrestling Hall of Fame Award to: Gene Camp

Tournament Director Dan Fortuna shows some muscle at White Castle
Restaurant in Queens for WPIX 11 -TV Morning News Show with Larry Hoff
Also seen on 4/19 on Fox News Channel (Fox and Friends Show)

White Castle NYC Big Apple Grapple International Awards Table

Josee Morneau - NYC QUEEN OF ARMS

Josee Morneau Action Photo

Giorgi Gelashvili - NYC KING OF ARMS

Giorgi Gelashvili Action Photo


32nd Annual White Castle

Men R-176 (amateur)
1st Aaron Nadeau – Piscataway, NJ.
2nd John Kosmidis – Astoria, NY.
3rd –Frank Brown - Kentucky (Not in Photo)
Award excepted by Anthony Spota for Frank Brown

Mens L-198 (amateur)
1st Jason Hall – Pelham Bay Bronx, NY
2nd Lajos Konya – Jersey City, NJ.
3rd Joe Deninno – Whitestone, NY.

Mens R-198 (amateur)

1ST Lajos Konya – Jersey City, NJ. (Hungary)
2nd Kirill Shkolyar – Brooklyn, NY.
3rd Jason Hall – Bronx, NY.

Mens R-Super (amateur)

1st Mike Ayello – Whitestone, NY.
2nd Goldwyn Banton – Brooklyn, NY.
3rd Karol Brozowski – Yonkers, NY. (Not in Photo)

Mens L-Super (amateur)

1st Sean Sparandero – Staten Island, NY.
2nd Josh Vinikoor – Richboro, PA.
3rd Frank Kaestner – Elmhurst, NY.

Women R-143 (amateur)

1st Elaine Vinikoor – Richboro, Pa.
2nd Sande Collins – West Palm Beach, FL.
3rd Lisa Ray – San Diego, Ca.

Women R- 144+ Open (amateur)

1st Pascal McDonald – Hollis, NY.
2nd Joanne Yee – South Pasadena, Ca.
3rd place N/A


32nd Annual White Castle

Mens R-154 (Pro)

1st Maxim Urvantsev – Brooklyn, NY.
2nd William Marini – Manhattan, NY.
3rd Harry Wilson – Brooklyn, NY.

Men L-154 (Pro)
1st William Marini – Manhattan, NY.
2nd Akmal Khundayberganov – Flushing, NY.(Uzbekistan)
3rd Michael Bye – E. Hampton, NY.

Mens R-176 (Pro)

1st Ron Klemba – Portland, CT. - (Arm-Star Award Winner)
2nd Jon Vinikoor – Richboro, Pa.
3rd Alex Josowitz – Brooklyn, NY.

Men R-198 (Pro)

1st Steve Shoemaker – Nescopeck, Pa.
2nd Jon Vinikoor – Richboro, Pa.
3rd Alex Josowitz – Brooklyn, NY.

Men L-198 (Pro)

1st Ron Klemba – Portland, CT. (Arm-Star Award Winner)
2nd Mike Selearis – Elmhurst, NY.
3rd Angel Cosme – Flushing, NY. (Not in Photo)
Award excepted by Anthony Spota for Angel Cosme

Men R-226+Super (Pro)

1st Giorgi Gelashvili – Brooklyn, NY (Republic of Georgia) (NYC King of Arms)
2nd Travis Bagent – Charlestown, W. Virginia
3rd Shawn Lattimer – Mount Royal, NJ.

Men L-199+ Super (Pro)

1st Travis Bagent – Charlestown, W. Virginia (South-Arm Slammer)
2nd Rob Bigwood – Brooklyn, NY.
3rd Mike Selearis – Elmhurst, NY.

Women Open 144+ Open (pro)

1st Josee Morneau – Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada (NYC Queen of Arms)
2nd Joyce Boone – Brooklyn, NY.
3rd Cynthia Yerby – Wolf, Oklahoma

Men R-225 (Pro)

1st Mike Selearis – Elmhurst, NY.
2nd Rob Bigwood – Brooklyn, NY.
3rd Kevin Nelson – Holbrook, NY.

Ironmind Captain's of Crush Awards
L-R Giorgi Gelashvili NYC King of Arms - Josee Morneau NYC Queen of Arms - Travis Bagent South-Arm Slammer and Gene Camp Founder & President of the New York Arm Wrestling Association